Mia Goth Says Marvel Really Cares About ‘Blade’

Movie has been said to be in development hell, on its third writer and has gone through half a dozen writers.

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Mia Goth offers her two cents about Blade and says that Marvel really cares about the film.

It has recently reported the flick is in development hell as after five years, Blade has lost two directors, a search is underway for the third, and the movie has gone through at least a half dozen writers.

It’s also said two-time Oscar winning actor Mahershala Ali has become increasingly frustrated.

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“They really care”

While appearing at the world premiere of her latest A24 movie MaXXXine, Goth was asked for an update by Deadline.

“They really care. They do,” Goth says about Blade which has seen numerous delays. “They want to make a great movie. That’s the sense that I get from them and that feels good.”

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Mia Goth playing Lilith

Details revealed about previous Blade scripts include that the film was supposed to be set in the 1920s, with Mia Goth playing the villain, Lilith, and that Lilith tries to take the blood from Blade’s daughter.

It’s unknown if the plot will stick as rumors have said the movie will now be set in the present day and that Marvel is adding a male villain amid changes to previous scripts where Mahershala Ali’s Blade was a second-tier character in his own movie in a narrative led by women filled with life lessons.

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Will Blade be delayed?

Mahershala Ali has since been confirmed to be starring in the new Jurassic World movie along with Scarlett Johansson.

Blade is still on Marvel’s release schedule, for a November 7, 2025 release.

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