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Gerry Conway Wants Female Alfred For Robert Pattinson Batman Movie

Matt McGloin Posted: 06/09/2019 - 22:11 COMMENT
Gerry Conway Wants Female Alfred For Robert Pattinson Batman Movie

If Gerry Conway gets his way, we'll all be saying RIP Batman, as the comic book writer and TV producer and writer wants a female version of Alfred for the upcoming Matt Reeves movie starring Robert Pattinson.

Bryan Hitch, who also writes comics, earlier tweeted out, "So we have Robert Pattinson as Bruce/Batman. Who's your pick for Alfred?"

The 66-year-old co-creator of Punisher, Gerry Conway, replied, "Hear me out. Maggie Smith."

The post has received a number of retweets and comments.

"Emma already has a franchise now: MIB. Maggie is younger than Michael Caine but point taken," Conway continued to tweet. "Caine was 70 when he played Alfred in Batman Begins. Who's a great British actress in her 60s? How about Kristin Scott Thomas? Julie Waters? Emily Watson? Miranda Richardson?"

Conway continued with his recommendation of a female Alfred as he included director Matt Reeves in subsequent tweets and offered they should change the name to Pennysworth.

"We're up to over 19,000 likes for Maggie Smith, @mattreevesLA --definitely hit a nerve among Batman fans. Food for thought, yes? Somebody should start a petition," Conway said.

As fans know, Alfred is the male butler responsible for raising Bruce Wayne following the death of Martha and Thomas Wayne. Certainly, Alfred is viewed as a father-figure by Bruce, and most recently in the Gotham TV series, Alfred was a former member of the British military and even helped train the young Bruce Wayne. Obviously, that would all change if Gerry Conway got his way.

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