Geoff Johns Promoted To President Of DC Entertainment


geoff johns dc entertainment president Geoff Johns Promoted To President Of DC Entertainment

Update: It’s confirmed.


It’s being said Geoff Johns has been promoted to President of DC Entertainment, though Warner Bros. has yet to make an official announcement.

Johns, known for writing for DC Comics as well as being the DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer, recently received new duties following Batman Vs. Superman.

It’s known Geoff Johns is working with WB film exec Jon Berg on the Justice League movies, so the promotion makes a lot of sense. Johns is also involved with DC TV and remains involved with DC Comics.

According to Bleeding Cool, Geoff Johns is both DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer and President, and still reports to Diane Nelson (who is also President of DC Entertainment). Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, DC Entertainment Co-Publishers, continue report to Diane Nelson as well.

It’s said the promotion happened because of the Batman Vs. Superman “fallout,” and explains the different approach the recent Justice League and Wonder Woman Comic-Con trailers took.

It’s recently become known that Geoff Johns also helped write the Wonder Woman movie script and wrote a treatment for Aquaman with director James Wan as well. Johns is also writing The Batman with Ben Affleck.

I’m sure someone will bring up the fact that Geoff Johns “executive produced” the Green Lantern flop; however, his role could have been more or less as a consultant. There’s also the fact that the writers of the Green Lantern movie, Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, said not to blame themselves for the failure as their script was different than the final product. Reporters who took part in set visits even offered the storyboards they saw on the Green Lantern movie set (which looked cool) weren’t even a part of the finished movie (for whatever reason).

As I previously wrote, DC seems to be in good hands with Geoff Johns, unlike Marvel who is currently a house divided.

It’s also thought Geoff Johns is the reason why DC TV and the movies are now sharing characters played by different actors (Batman is now rumored for DC TV and Tyler Hoechlin will play Superman on Supergirl).