Gal Gadot Unfollows James Gunn: New DCU Wonder Woman Incoming

We first told you Gadot's contracted ended prior to the Gunn taking over the DCU announcement.

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Fans on social media are pointing out that Gal Gadot has unfollowed James Gunn on Instagram, which of course likely means a new Wonder Woman will be announced for the DCU at some point.

Gunn took over the DCU officially in January of 2023, and similar to the Henry Cavill Superman situation, it was at first thought Gadot was returning for Wonder Woman 3.

However, as I said before the Gunn DCU announcement, Gal Gadot’s contract to play Wonder Woman ended around December of 2022.

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Wonder Woman 3 canceled

It has since been reported many times that Wonder Woman 3 isn’t happening; even director Patty Jenkins confirmed it when she announced she returned to Lucasfilm for her Star Wars movie.

Recently also saw Chris Pine confirm the cancellation, with it reported at the same time Gadot is out. Now Gadot unfollows Gunn.

I don’t believe there has been an “official” announcement that Gal Gadot is done as Wonder Woman, but part of Gunn’s DCU is the Paradise Lost TV series which could either feature a new actress playing Wonder Woman or lead into it.

While Gunn has brought some of his actors from the DCEU to the DCU (his bro, and Cena, and Viola Davis), the big three are done which of course includes Ben Affleck as Batman (recall Affleck’s reaction), Henry Cavill as Superman (f’d over by Dwayne Johnson and Johnson’s ex-wife/manager whom he fired), and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (has she been strung along, too?).

DC insiders filled me in that WBD CEO David Zaslav demanded Gunn recast and reboot with cheaper talent. The head of WB films, Mike De Luca actually had a plan to continue with the DCEU, but Zaslav canceled all that as he preps to sell WBD, from what I am told.

Fans have speculated Eiza Gonzalez might be up to play the DCU’s Wonder Woman based on a social media post by the actress, but I think the role will be going to a more unknown (and cheaper) actor, similar to David Corenswet being cast as Superman and Milly Alcock as Supergirl.

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