Fox Said To Pull Out Of Comic-Con; No Assassin’s Creed Footage


no fox studios assassins creed comic con

Fox Studios is said to have pulled out of this Summer’s Comic-Con.

While the Wrap is stating the reason is in part because of people leaking the footage, more than likely it’s probably just that Fox has nothing to offer.

Wolverine 3 has yet to film, Gambit has been delayed, Independence Day: Resurgence will already have been released, and aside from Assassin’s Creed, there really isn’t much on Fox’s slate to promote.

The report does mention Fox will promote their movies through smaller events like their upcoming Dreamworks Animation Trolls movie that is due out in September.

Regarding their supposed reasoning of the leaked footage, the report says a source filled The Wrap in that Fox “cannot prevent the piracy of custom trailers and exclusive footage routinely screened for fans in attendance.” 

That sounds a bit of a stretch as I’m guessing the studios and pr people love to have their movies trending worldwide on the various social networks and buzz created by the footage. I honestly don’t see why the studios attempt to keep the footage exclusive to attendees at the convention; it’s not like people are not going to go if the footage is released on online as well.

Fox’s loss.

The report does mention Fox and Comic-Con officials haven’t commented on the matter.