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The Flash #21 Is Awesome!

Matt McGloin
Posted: 04/26/2017 - 15:54

Today sees the release of The Flash #21, which continues "The Button" story from last week's Batman #21!

You can puchase the issue on DC Comics' digital site.

Spoilers follow!

Ironically enough, while Batman #21 went by in a literal flash (sixty seconds!), The Flash #21 takes it's time! But the final scene is worth the wait!

It's actually a good first issue for those unfamiliar with The Flash and even what went down since 2011 with "Flashpoint." The issue first shows a 90-year-old Johnny Thunder trying to "reach the lightning," but he's stopped as he is apparently in an old folks home. The issue then switches gears picking up right where Batman #21 took place with The Flash discovering that the Reverse Flash has been killed and Batman badly injured.

The Flash performs some forensic tests on the body of the Reverse Flash and can't believe what he's discovered! The Flash's own radiation signature is all over the Reverse Flash! Meaning at some point in the future he is responsible for killing Reverse Flash?! Barry also finds massive amounts of another radiation--the same found on the button! And the button is now missing!

So The Flash decides to whip up the Cosmic Treadmill - not used since Flashpoint was created - to trace where the Reverse Flash went. Batman comes aboard for the ride who notes he's been hit harder before! So The Flash and Batman travel through time and space! They see the past that they forgot due to Flashpoint (and Rebirth) regarding how the Justice League first forms! Batman asks if they are seeing alternate realities! No! The Flash says it's from their actual past! 

Then, WHAM!

The Flash and Batman land somewhere familiar but not exactly the same!

It's the Batcave!

But not Batman's Batcave! Not Bruce Wayne's Batcave!

It's the Flashpoint Batcave! Thomas Wayne!

Thomas Wayne meets Bruce Wayne and The Flash!

To. Be. Continued. In Batman #22! On sale next Wednesday!

Another great issue! I'll give it 4 our of 5 stars!   

I suppose we are to assume that the Reverse Flash travelled to the Flashpoint universe, and also that possibly the Flashpoint universe Flash killed Reverse Flash? Then who is the "God" Reverse Flash is referring to? The Flashpoint Flash? Or did he see Doctor Manhattan in Flashpoint? Wow!

The Flash #21

Writer: Joshua Willamson

Art: Howard Porter