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Batman #21 Is Just Awesome

Matt McGloin Posted: 04/19/2017 - 16:12 COMMENT

Spoilers follow for today's issue of Batman #21, which kicks off "The Button" crossover from DC Comics.

I highly recommend you read the book first, which can be purchased digitally for $2.99 on DC's digital site.

What's pretty awesome about this issue is not only does it delve into the Watchmen smiley face found in the Batgave, but that it's actually told in the style of the original Watchmen graphic novel, with pages using the nine panel sequence!

The story starts out with a Gotham City vs Metropolis hockey game which sees two players get in a fight. The rest of the issue is a mirror to what happens in the hockey fight, as none other than Eobard Thawne, aka Reverse Flash, shows up in the Batcave and kicks the crap out of Batman! It's similar to the hockey fight, but with a twist. You would think Reverse Flash is the hockey player that "won" the fight, but it's actually Batman!

Big spoiler: The Reverse Flash dies at the end of the issue, and it's also learned the hockey player that loses the fight dies! And of all things, The Flash shows up too late to both fights to save anyone or make a difference!

Bonus: The entire issues takes place within 1 minute!

The issue also features a super cool appearance by the Flashpoint Batman--Thomas Wayne! The Watchmen smiley face reacts with Psycho-Pirate's mask causing the Flashpoint Batman to appear!

Enter Reverse Flash!

The Reverse Flash gives Batman a super-powered speedster beat down (Batman does get in a few licks), the Reverse Flash also rips up the Thomas Wayne note, much to Batman's dismay (to say the least!), and then Eobard discovers the Watchmen smiley face! Zap! Reverse Flash disappears!

The next think you know, the Reverse Flash returns and is stating that he has seen God!

And he's dead! The Reverse Flash is dead! Again!

Batman and the Reverse Flash are lying on the ground, and then The Flash shows up and remarks he's late!

To. Be. Continued. In The Flash #21 next week! 

Great issue. So do you think Reverse Flash met Watchmen's Doctor Manhattan?!

Five Stars!


Written by Tom King

Art by: Jason Fabok

Spoiler images: