First Look At Rob Liefeld’s Grifter #9 (Scott Clark Pencils)


DC Comics has revealed two pages from Rob Liefeld and Scott Clark’s upcoming May issue of Grifter #9.

And just as we seen with the first look at The Savage Hawkman #9, these pages look fantastic!

“The idea with Grifter was to open the scope of his adventures up and put Grifter against greater dangers and much bigger threats,” said Liefeld. “We kick off in the Alps with some amazing action, think Bond meets Bourne on unlimited budget. I’ve imagined bigger Daemonite warriors, an elite caste that has been dispatched to eliminate him, and Scott Clark has delivered the goods. I’ve known Scott and followed his work since he first broke in and everyone agrees that the work he’s doing on Grifter is far and away a new level of excellence. The reader will find out why Grifter has become such a high priority target and his role in the Daemomite war will be revealed to all. The entire team is having a blast. [DC Comics Editor-in-Chief] Bob Harras and the gang said to go big and that’s what we are doing!”

“Rob has really opened things up in the script, enabling me to do some big panel, awesome cinematic action,” said Clark. “I wanted to take advantage and pack as much energy into the art as possible. I’m focusing more heavily on refining gestures and compositions, and loading everything full of kinetic, free flowing line work.”

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DC Comics Grifter #9DC Comics Grifter #9