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Feminist Wants Female Joker To Be A Hero

Feminist Wants Female Joker To Be A Hero

With Robert Pattinson getting cast as the new Batman, a self-proclaimed feminist takes to social media to offer the new Joker should be female and a hero to woman everywhere.

The DC Comics Flashpoint story actually features a female Joker, but the Twitter user apparently isn’t aware.

“The Joker should have been a woman. And she finally went insane because too many random dudes told her to smile, so now she perpetually smiles while terrorizing Gotham,” Twitter user Geraldine tweeted, which has received over 44K retweets and 238K likes.

“She becomes a sort of folk hero for the women of Gotham,” Geraldine continued tweeting. “She unleashes financial records for companies that don’t compensate women properly. She blackmails cheaters and misogynists. She threatens the goddamn Patriarchy. It’s terrifying and wonderful.”

The Twitter user continues with her take on Batman.

“The Batman needs to stop her to restore the order of things, but on some level, he’s conflicted. She’s a villain. But she’s right,” Geraldine tweeted. “Her catchphrase would be ‘Well, ACTUALLY …’ and then she’d just trail off and laugh maniacally.”

The tweets have received over 2.7K comments that include a range of opinions on the female Joker tweets, with Geraldine weighing in her own thoughts.

“OMG, y’all, I suggested a girl should be in a comic and they are so, so mad and I can’t stop laughing,” she tweeted. “The only sustenance I need today is fragile male tweets and hot pockets.”

Again, Twitter user Geraldine apparently isn’t aware of the comics or the fact that a lot of fans were hoping that Lauren Cohan would star as the female Joker in a Flashpoint movie, but at least she gets to put her two cents in about male fans.

“Oh my god, what if I’m the Joker and I just wrote my own origin story without realizing it,” Geraldine tweeted. “LOL, these guys in my mentions who are mad that I suggested – SUGGESTED – a girl Joker wouldn’t last a f-cking day as a woman. Their fragile male rage just makes me stronger.”