‘The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’ Worse Than Thought; Playing Race Card


Wow! This is even worse than previously thought as the writer on The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Disney Plus series confirms the show will be about reactions to Falcon being a black Captain America.

It was previously rumored that The Falcon And The Winter Soldier would be about the U.S. Government refusing to recognize Falcon as the new Captain America, as they feel they can’t control him, but now the writer of the series, white dude Derek Kolstad, goes so far as offering the following:

Fan question: I am so happy to have Sam Wilson as Captain America. Will reactions to a black Captain America be explored? Will Sam’s feelings about Steve going back to an era when the two of them would not have been able to go into the same diner be given any space?

Derek Kolstad: “Oh, yeah. And then some.”

So similar to the rest of Kevin Feige’s Phase 4, we see this show is going to continue in that PC direction “and then some.”

Falcon and Winter Soldier Anthony Mackie Sebastian Stan

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier a disaster

I was actually told at Comic-Con by insiders that The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is a complete disaster, so that appears to be the case. Guess they haven’t or aren’t fixing things.

What’s bad about all of this is that it’s taking away from Falcon being Captain America and making it all about race, so what Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige are doing is playing a race card instead of giving us quality organic content and stories.

Things don’t end there as it is further rumored white blond dude Wyatt Russell will be playing super-soldier John Walker, the U.S. government’s choice to be the new Captain America.

So, again, we see that Feige and Marvel are setting up white blond dude Wyatt Russell versus Anthony Mackie’s black Captain America.

I’ll be passing on this, and I am having second thoughts on subscribing to Disney Plus (WandaVision sounds just as bad). What an utter waste of a cool bunch of characters, and I am surprised Mackie and Stan agreed to do this.

(via We Got This Covered)