Emily Blunt In Talks With Marvel (Maybe Fantastic Four)


It’s being reported that Emily Blunt has met with Marvel and could be in talks for a role, with my guess possibly Fantastic Four.

It’s said that while filming Disney’s Jungle Cruise that Emily Blunt met with Marvel, though it is also said it is unknown what became of the talks — if anything.

It’s also possible that Emily Blunt could have met with Marvel about any of their Phase 4 flicks that are in the works including Eternals, Doctor Strange 2 or even Thor: Love and Thunder.

Emily Blunt and her husband John Krasinksi have been huge fan-favorite choices to play The Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four, so it would be hard to imagine the pair as different Marvel characters.

Regarding the Fantastic Four in the MCU, Marvel now owns the rights to all the related characters, which includes Galactus, Silver Surfer, and Annihilius, as a result of the recent Disney purchase of Fox Studios.

Fantastic Four Marvel MCU fan art

Kevin Feige teases Fantastic Four

With Marvel now owing the Fantastic Four, Kevin Feige has teased them a couple of times.

At the recent San Diego Comic-Con, Feige name-dropped both the FF and the X-Men when he teased: “There’s a lot of other stuff we didn’t have the chance to talk about today… I didn’t even have time to talk about the Fantastic Four. And there’s no time left to talk about mutants.”

Feige was also asked at SDCC about the Fantastic Four in an interview where he said: “All of that is spoilers, but I’m extremely excited about those characters, and about bringing Marvel’s first family up to the sort of platform and level they deserve.”

Fantastic Four John Krasinski Emily Blunt fan art

Fantastic Four MCU origin

While at Comic-Con over the Summer, Marvel insiders filled me in on the possible Fantastic Four origin within the MCU which takes a page from Captain America’s book.

I was told the Fantastic Four will be shown as existing in the past alongside Michael Douglas’ Hank Pym and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Wasp, meaning that they have been a part of the MCU since the beginning.

So what happened to them and where have they been? Enter the Negative Zone.

I’m told they get trapped in the Negative Zone, and when they come out, it is the present day and that they haven’t aged.

The origin is also a bit similar to what happened with Ant-Man in The Avengers: Endgame that when he disappeared in the Quantum Realm for five years, it was only a short time for him.

Likewise, the latest Annihilation: Scourge comics from Marvel sees Reed Richards mention how differently time takes place within the Negative Zone compared to the regular universe.

Marvel MCU Fantastic Four rumors

Fantastic Four Marvel rumors

Additional rumors surrounding the Fantastic Four include that they will be a part of Marvel’s Phase 5 slate, that Silver Surfer and Galactus will be introduced, and that Doctor Doom may play a big part in things to come that surrounds an Avengers-style big Secret Wars movie.

It’s also claimed that an Annihilation movie may happen between Marvel Phase 4 and 6, which would mean Richard Rider Nova would be used.

Another rumor also offers that Feige is going to connect Spider-Man to the Fantastic Four by having Avengers Tower become the Baxter Building and that there may even be a Spidey Human Torch team-up flick.

(Emily Blunt Marvel rumor via Murphy’s Multiverse)

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