Emilia Clark Starring In Ed Brubaker’s ‘Criminal’ Coming To Prime Video

Joins Charlie Hunnam in the adaptation of the comic book.

emilia clarke criminal prime video

Emilia Clarke, known Game of Thrones, is set to star in the adaptation of Ed Brubaker’s Criminal, which is coming to Prime Video.

The show is based on the acclaimed comic book series by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, which will also feature Charlie Hunnam in a leading role as Leo Patterson.

The details include Clarke will be playing the role of Mallory, a slick, cunning, gun-toting robber in Ricky Lawless’ (Gus Halper) heist crew.

Amazon describes the character as: “A slick and daring armed robber, as quick with a gun as she is with her wits. Part of a heist crew with Ricky Lawless (Gus Halper), who she’s in a passionate Bonnie-and-Clyde-like affair with. Mallory is a woman on the edge, living on the wrong side of the law and hiding secrets that will bring her and her entire crew into the danger zone.”

ed brubaker criminal

In addition to playing Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series, Emilia Clarke also starred in Solo: A Star Wars Story, Terminator: Genisys, and Marvel’s Secret Invasion, and more.

Captain Marvel directors Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden are slated to direct the first four episodes of Criminal, and it will be executive produced by Brubaker, Harper, Phillips, Sarah Carbiner and Philipp Barnett.

The cast also includes Richard Jenkins, John Hawkes, Adria Arjona, Logan Browning, Kadeem Hardison, Pat Healy, Taylor Sele, Aliyah Camacho, Michael Mando, Marvin Jones III, Michael Xavier and Dominic Burgess.

Ed Brubaker will serve as co-showrunner with Jordan Harper (The Mentalist, Gotham).

The first issue of the comic is described as:

This fall crime noir smacks you right in the face, as award-winning writer Ed Brubaker, whose recent hits on Daredevil, Captain America and the X-Men have made him one of the top writers in the field, joins best-selling Marvel Zombies artist Sean Phillips for CRIMINAL, a new ongoing series from Icon. Navigating through a world of smoky barrooms and double-crosses to present tales of heists, murders and cons, CRIMINAL is determined to be different than any other book on the shelves today.
In our debut issue, we meet Leo, who can plan the perfect heist… but only if he can be convinced the job is safe enough. See, Leo is not a shoot-first think-later guy; Leo is a professional. But to some criminals, even professionals, the right payout is worth almost any risk. So when an old friend and a crooked cop approach with a plan to seize millions of dollars in contraband from an evidence transport van, Leo must make tough choices, knowing there’s nothing you can trust less in this world than a cop on the take.

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