Echo Season 2 In Doubt At Marvel and Disney+

Viewership must not be that great.

Viewership must not be that great.

Echo Season 2 In Doubt At Marvel

We have another big surprise as now there is doubt surrounding whether or not Echo will be getting a Season 2 at Marvel on Disney+.

Marvel dropped all the episodes of Echo on the streaming service at one time on Jan. 9; however, Disney never made an official announcement about the viewership as they did for Percy Jackson, Loki Season 2, and Ahsoka.

Forbes is also reporting Echo had a budget of only $40 million, the lowest budget of any MCU movie or series.

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Viewership not likely all that great

Echo did make Samba TV’s Top 10 for the week of release coming in at the bottom at number nine, but again, that’s likely because five episodes were released at once, but worth a mention is we see Echo didn’t make Samba TV’s Top 10 the following week.

Samba TV also again failed to provide any numbers for the show while they previously did for all the Marvel shows on Disney+ which suggests the numbers weren’t all that good (Samba TV also failed to provide Doctor Who Disney+ viewership numbers).

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Echo Season 2? “I’m not sure about that”

Of course if the numbers were good, you would think that Echo would be getting a Season 2, but the cinematographer on the show sheds doubt it will happen.

“I’m not sure about that,” Echo cinematographer Kira Kelly told The Direct when asked if  she felt Echo Season 2 would be a good choice for Alaqua Cox’s next step as the character.

Kelly continued, “I feel like the world – you know, anything that we can see Alaqua [Cox in] would be amazing. Whether it’s another season for her or whether or not she’s in the Daredevil show coming up or any other show. I would just love any excuse to see Alaqua perform again.”

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Fans probably shouldn’t bank on Echo Season 2

The article also adds that “fans probably shouldn’t bank on there being another season for Echo” and that “the show’s reception was generally lukewarm.”

I’d actually say the reception was worse than lukewarm as Echo only has a 61% Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score, the third worst score for an MCU show on Disney+ only beat by Secret Invasion and She-Hulk.

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Show falls off a cliff

As I went over in my review, the first two episodes of Echo are decent enough but the show falls off a cliff.

It’s a shame because the character is actually pretty badass and cool and had potential but of course they ruined Echo for the “M She U” that Cox confirms exists.

Tatiana Maslany also recently said she She-Hulk will not be getting a Season 2, and it’s also doubted the Iman Vellani Ms. Marvel series will get a Season 2 following her show being the least-watched Disney+ Marvel show and the huge failure of The Marvels. Same for Hailee Steinfeld’s wannabe Hawkeye.

Of course, Secret Invasion also bombed big time, so much so that Marvel TV is now completely getting reconfigured which includes Daredevil: Born Again getting retooled.

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