Woke Doctor Who: Best Ratings For Millie Gibson Episode: 600K More Fans Tune In

All the fans that left last week came back in full force. What happened?

doctor who episode 4 ratings 73 yards millie gibson

The Woke Doctor Who sees a big rebound in ratings thanks to Episode 4, “73 Yards,” which focuses on companion Ruby Sunday, played by Mille Gibson, who is actually said to be leaving the series.

Following last week’s lowest-rated episode ever in the entire 60 year history of Doctor Who which saw 600K fans exit after the first two episodes, those fans returned in full force to watch the series give Mille Gibson “her moment outside the Doctor’s (Ncuti Gatwa) main character shadow.”

doctor who millie gibson

Best ratings this season

The UK overnight ratings reveal that 2.62 million viewers tuned in, which is the best ratings this season, but it should still be pointed out is still really, really low compared to previous seasons.

mille gibson doctor who

Mille Gibson departing Doctor Who

Regarding Millie Gibson leaving Doctor Who, it is confirmed Gibson is leaving the show and will be replaced by Ncuti Gatwa’s new companion played by British-Indian actress Varada Sethu who is known for the BBC’s Hard Sun, the Star Wars series Andor, and Jurassic World Dominion.

“Thank you… for… such a beautiful story”

Millie Gibson posted about her episode on social media.

“73 yards was the very first script I read for our series of Doctor who,” she said. “I remember closing it and re reading it again straight away. It has such a special place in my heart; I didn’t know Ruby, I didn’t know what her story was going to entail, and I didn’t know anyone at Doctor who either.”

Gibson continued, “During filming this episode, I experienced everything for the first time that Ruby was experiencing too. I grew and learnt so much as an actress and as a person. When I watch this episode, I feel such a sense of fulfilment and joy. This particular journey has been very nostalgic to see back and I am just so happy to have accomplished 73 yards.”

She added, “Thank you to @dylanholmeswilliams for directing such a beautiful story and to @russelltdavies63 for giving me such a captivating script to bring to life. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy.”

Doctor Who ratings:


Special 1: 5.08M

Special 2: 4.83m

Special 3: 4.62m

Christmas: 4.73m


Episode 1: 2.6m

Episode 2: 2.4m

Episode 3: 2.04m

Episode 4: 2.62M

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