Woke Doctor Who Ncuti Gatwa Loses Another 400K Viewers: Worst Ratings Of All Time

The actor told fans to stop watching, so they did. How's it working out?

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  • The third episode of the woke Doctor Who has lost another 400k viewers
  • The viewership for the third episode is the worst in the show’s 60 year history
  • Disney and Samba TV have been silent about ratings, and the episodes are not expected to make the Nielsen charts

Fans are listening to Ncuti Gatwa, as the actor told them to stop watching – so they did – with it learned the third episode of the woke Doctor Who has lost another 400k viewers.

According to the UK overnight ratings system, Doctor Who Episode 3, “Boom,” was watched by only 2.04 million viewers, which is the worst ratings in the show’s entire 60 year history.

The number is further down from the loss of over 2 million viewers from last year’s Christmas Special and down over 3 million viewers from the first 60th Anniversary special starring the return of David Tennant.

It’s also down 600K viewers in just one week following last week’s two-episode premiere where 200k viewers didn’t bother to keep the same channel on and turned off the second episode.

It’s also assumed Doctor Who is a huge fail on Disney+, as Disney hasn’t made an official announcement about the viewership being high – despite being the international distributor outside the UK – and the Disney-invested Samba TV hasn’t reported on any Doctor Who numbers.

We won’t know the Nielsen ratings for about a month or so, but likely Doctor Who will fail to appear on Nielsen, as the three Anniversary Specials and the Christmas Specials didn’t make the Nielsen charts, and the numbers for the latest episodes are lower.

You’ll likely see a bump in numbers via the BBC iPlayer, but it’s been said that streamer only makes up 15% of UK viewership numbers.

Fans have also given the new Doctor Who series a 34% low on Rotten Tomatoes, which while not as low as the Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker years, is still low and a lot lower than the Peter Capaldi and preceding years.

You can officially mark the woke Doctor Who as a bomb. Boom!

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Doctor Who ratings:


Special 1: 5.08M

Special 2: 4.83m

Special 3: 4.62m

Christmas: 4.73m


Episode 1: 2.6m

Episode 2: 2.4m

Episode 3: 2.04m

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