The “DOC’s” Top Of The Pile for May 16, 2012


The “DOC’s” Top Of The Pile

By: Chris “DOC” Bushley

(A weekly quick pick of the five titles that should reside at the top of your pull list. In no particular order!)



I do the research, you reap the reward! Before you head out to your favorite shop today, be sure to add these books to your list of goodies! Forget that apple a day nonsense, this “DOC’s” prescription for good health starts with these top five titles of the week!


1.  Hardcore #1:  Kirkman brings his A game with this action/sci-fi/thriller about an assassin that can manipulate another person’s body! Part Quantum Leap, part The Bourne Identity — 100% amazing! This is the “Next Big Thing”! Check out my full review here!

2.  Danger Club #2:  Great story by Landry Q. Walker and even better art by Eric Jones — this tale of a world that has lost all it’s adult heroes will enthrall you! The future for Kid Vigilante looks bleak as he must do the unthinkable in order to save the entire world! Walker and Jones have hooked me on this sleeper hit, so get it if you can!

3.  The Secret Service #2:  The combined comic might of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons unite on a tale of family and country! Gary’s Uncle Jack is trying to help him escape from his hell of a life. But is it better to deal with the hell you know or the one you don’t know? Another hit from the Millarverse that will have you begging for more!

4.  B.P.R.D.- Hell On Earth: The Devil’s Engine #1:  Johann Kraus has changed, Abe Sapien has been removed from action, Liz Sherman is in hiding and Hellboy is dead! Everything the B.P.R.D. has built up over the years, begins to fall all around them! And if they fall — the entire world does as well! Mike Mignola continues to break his world one piece at a time! Get on board while you can!

5.  Red Hood and the Outlaws #9:  The “Night of the Owls” storyline continues here, but it’s the first appearance of a certain Bat villain in the DCnU that makes this book so “cool!” That’s right, folks — Mr. Freeze enters the fray and all the corny “Arnie” lines can now flow freely around in your head again! Great story about the prodigal Bat-son and his team of reluctant heroes! Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort continue to make “chilling” stories month after month! So,”Chill Out!” and get this book!

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