The “DOC’s” Top Of The Pile for 5/1/2013




The Top of the Pile

By: Chris “DOC” Bushley


This is a “quick pick” look at the Top 5 comics that EVERYONE should be reading this week! Whether it’s rife with astounding visuals, has top notch characterization, is filled with emotional strife, has a bevy of high octane battle sequences or is just a plain ol’ great read — these books belong at the “Top Of The Pile!” (In no particular order!)



1. Shadowman #0 (Valiant): Fan favorite, Justin Jordan, truly out does himself in this melancholy origin tale of Valiant’s biggest bad of all time — Master Darque! From birth to his “re-birth,” Justin Jordan weaves sympathy, angst and hatred into the very fabric of the Master Darque character, creating a book that far outshines everything Jordan has done thus far in his career! Although Shadowman isn’t in the book at all, you are so enthralled with his greatest villain you won’t even mind!



2. Ten Grand #1 (Joe’s Comics/Image):  Written by, CBN creator Matt McGloin’s favorite comic scribe, J. Michael Straczynski and drawn by fan favorite Ben Templesmith, not only is Ten Grand is a moving tale about loss and what you would do to regain everything, it is also the relaunch of the Joe’s Comics imprint created by JMS! Though this style of tale about choices and the ultimate ramification has been done before, it is the art of Templesmith that astounds the reader with every page. Come for JMS’ morality play, stay for a true masterpiece by Templesmith. That’s if you can find it! The buzz surrounding this book has led to instant sell outs at numerous shops, so be vigilant or the world of second printing awaits you!



3. Superior Spider-Man #9 (Marvel):  So, I believe that Dan Slott is actually addicted to controversy! Well, he will definitely get his fix after this issue! By now you have probably all heard about the ending of this book, but that is not the reason it made it on the Top of the Pile. The internal struggle between the consciousness of Peter Parker and Doc Ock is what drives this book — and it is astounding! Peter having to place his memories in the line of fire against his own fears was extremely jarring. Seeing Uncle Ben being shot again and the Green Goblin slaughtering Gwen Stacy with a laser was highly emotional, but it is the frailty of Peter that makes this issue great even if it will drive fans crazy!



4. The Victories: Transhuman #1 (of 5) (Dark Horse):  Dubbed as being “Super F$%#!d Up!,” Michael Avon Oeming’s super hero team tale is exactly that! This second installment of The Victories stories has the team dealing with a new villain that is more powerful than anything they have seen before! Even if they do save the world, are they strong enough to overcome their internal demons in order for all of them to survive? Graphic, vulgar and overtly amazing, this is a book that you should not miss!



5. Abe Sapien: Dark and Terrible #2 (Dark Horse):  Mike Mignola and Scott Allie converge on this unnerving tale of Abe Sapien’s journey to not only find where his altered form fits in to this new and frightening world, but also to see how far this world has changed humanity in it’s wake! Rich and deeply jarring, this tale of fear of the unknown will make you question just how “human” humanity can be in a mob mentality. Fascinating! Plus, be sure to check out the CBN exclusive interview with Scott Allie regarding all things Dark Horse with our very own managing editor, Byron Brewer!

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