Disney’s ‘Wish’ Box Office Collapses With Second Weekend

Seems only the diehard Disney princess fans went to se the flick.

Seems only the diehard Disney princess fans went to se the flick.

Disney's 'Wish' Box Office Collapses With Second Weekend

Disney’s Wish animated princess movie has collapsed at the box office in its second weekend.

The film opened well under the estimates for Thanksgiving weekend with a three-day haul of only $19.6 million and a five-day gross of $31.6 million.

In its second weekend, Deadline is stating Wish dropped like a rock bringing in a measly $7 million, a drop of 64%.

Update: The second weekend box office comes in at $7,412,000 which is a drop of 62.4%.

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Wish comparable to last year’s Disney’s bomb of Strange World

The drop is actually larger than last year’s Disney bomb of Strange World which only dropped 58%.

“Not a good result for the second frame of a Disney animated pic which can do double digit millions during the first weekend of December. A year ago the second weekend of Disney disaster Strange World did $5M. Ugh,” states the site.

Wish now has a domestic box office of $41.9 million after its second weekend, and of course, it’s further downhill from there.

Strange World finished with a domestic gross of $37.9 million and a worldwide gross of $73.6 million.

Wish doesn’t look much better as it currently has a $81.5 million worldwide gross. The foreign box office is at $39.6M.

Disney's Wish Bombs At Thanksgiving Box Office

Wish a massive loss for Disney

Critics also dislike Wish a lot more than Strange World.

Over at Rotten Tomatoes, Wish has a “Rotten” 49% Rotten Tomatoes Score compared to Strange World‘s “Fresh” rating of 72%. Audience Scores are the opposite: 80% for Wish and 66% for Strange World.

The two flicks also have similar IMDb ratings: Wish – 5.7 / Strange World – 5.9.

It seems only the diehard Disney princess fans went to see the movie, much like only the diehard MCU fans went to see The Marvels, which also massively bombed at the box office for Disney.

Some estimates for the long Thanksgiving weekend were as high as $90 million, so this is another huge blow for Disney. Reportedly, the film cost a whopping $200 million, so that’s a massive loss.

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