The Marvels Box Office Drop Worse Than First Reported

Worst drop for an MCU movie and a superhero film.

Worst drop for an MCU movie and a superhero film.

The Marvels Box Office Drop Actually Worse Than First Reported

Is the bleeding ever going to stop as it is again reported The Marvels box office is lower than first reported, this time in regards to the second-weekend box office.

That means the drop is even larger, which is currently the largest drop for both an MCU movie and a superhero flick, worse than Sony’s Morbius.

It was originally reported The Marvels brought in $10.2 million in its second weekend which is a 77.9% drop from opening weekend.

However, The Marvels actually only brought in $10.1 million which is a 78.1% drop from the opening weekend’s $46.1 million.

The opening weekend was originally reported at $47 million.

The Marvels is now likely to finish with under $100 million at the domestic box office, somewhere between $80M-$90M, which will also be a first for an MCU movie.

The flick is also bombing internationally and has only brought in $96.5 million.

The Marvels reportedly cost $270 million to make so Marvel and Disney are going to lose a ton of money.

The first Captain Marvel movie released in 2019 made more money in its domestic box office in its first four days than The Marvels has in ten days worldwide. Something like 80% of the audience that went to see Captain Marvel didn’t turn out for the sequel.

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The Marvels box office:


  • Nov 10-12: $46,110,859
  • Nov 17-19: $10,120,589 -78.1%

DOMESTIC: $64,945,395

INTERNATIONAL: $96,556,717

WORLDWIDE: $161,502,112

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