The Marvels Box Office Opens Worse Than Thought

The sequel to the billion dollar Captain Marvel opens at $46.1 million.

The sequel to the billion dollar Captain Marvel opens at $46.1 million.

The Marvels Box Office Opens Worse Than Thought

With the Rachel Zegler Hunger Games looking like the next big bomb, we get an update on The Marvels opening box office and it’s worse than thought.

While it was initially reported The Marvels opened to $47 million, the estimates are wrong and over-exaggerated, as Deadline now reports The Marvels only opened to $46.1 million.

The opening is the worst in the MCU’s history, and The Marvels box office dailies continue to be the worst for the MCU.

In its second weekend, it’s estimated The Marvels will drop around 65%, which could mean a box office of around $16 million, which would be another MCU low by a large margin.

Update: The second-weekend drop is massive and the worst in the history of the MCU.

The Rotten Tomatoes Score is at 62% and the Audience Score is at 84%; the CinemaScore happens to be a “B” which is terrible for a comic book movie and is tied with Eternals and Quantumania as the lowest of the MCU. The CinemaScore is a measure of what the audience thinks as they leave the theater, so that’s pretty telling right there. Normally the CinemaScore and Rotten Tomatoes Audience Scores are pretty much in sync, so The Marvels should actually be lower, and again, it’s being claimed there might be rigging of the scores going on at Rotten Tomatoes like there was allegedly for the first Captain Marvel.

The Marvels also has a 6.0 rating at IMDb, while the first Captain Marvel has a 6.8.

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The Hunger Games is starving

Regarding the Hunger Games, it’s presently starving with its Thursday box office, which comes in lower than The Marvels’ $6.6, with $5.75 million. What Hunger Games has going for it, at least, is it cost a lot less than The Marvels, so it won’t need to do as well at the box office to recoup costs.

Interestingly enough, it’s also learned more women came out to see Hunger Games than The Marvels, as 65% of the Hunger Games Thursday previews were made up of women, while The Marvels featured 65% men. Marvel definitely has a problem connecting with a female audience.

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The Marvels box office vs Captain Marvel (2019):

  • Thurs/Fri: $21,603,104 / $61,715,051
  • Sat: $15,260,052 / $52,872,536
  • Sun: $9,247,703 / $38,845,836
  • Mon: $2,372,375 / $10,986,773
  • Tues: $3,300,946 / $14,641,119 (discounted movie tickets)
  • Wed: $1,789,239 / $8,586,183


Weekend #1: $46,110,859 / $153,433,423

Weekend #2: $16,000,000 (estimated) / $67,988,130


Domestic gross: $53,573,419 / $426,829,839

International gross: $62,917,838 / $701,444,955

Worldwide gross: $116,491,257 / $1,128,274,794

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