Disney Officially Pulls Inhumans From Release Schedule


inhumans movie pushed back

Following Kevin Feige letting it be known the Marvel Studios Inhumans movie has been delayed, now Disney has officially pulled Inhumans from its release schedule.

Deadline does point out Inhumans is still supposed to be made at some point. The original release date was July 12, 2019, and no other Marvel movie has seen a delay.

While Kevin Feige previously cited the new Spider-Man: Homecoming and Indiana Jones 5 movies as reason for Inhumans being taken off the schedule, I wouldn’t doubt if Marvel TV and Agents of SHIELD‘s use of the Inhumans had something to do with it.

Marvel Studios and Marvel TV are said to not get along, with Kevin Feige having booted them from involvement in the movies. It’s also been said prior to the breakup, that Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter wanted the Inhumans movie to get made, which would be an obvious tie in to Agents of SHIELD.

We now see Kevin Feige has put the brakes on any sort of connection between the Marvel movies and Marvel TV as – if Inhumans even gets made – it will be at least four or five (or more) years following Agents of SHIELD‘s Inhumans storyline. You can also bet if the Inhumans movie does get made, it won’t have anything to do with what happened in Agents of SHIELD as well.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel Studios scraps the Inhumans movie in its entirety.