Disney Exec Blames Fans: Refuses To Take Blame For Star Wars, The Marvels Failures

Bob Iger is apparently trying to fix things which this exec is apparently bitter about.

Bob Iger is apparently trying to fix things which this exec is apparently bitter about.

disney exec star wars marvels failures blames fans


  • The Disney exec blames fans for the failures of Star Wars and The Marvels, claiming that fans are using “code” to express their dislike of the movies
  • The exec is more focused on pushing a woke agenda and diverse characters rather than creating a good story, leading to bad films
  • The audience is rejecting these films because the execs see the messaging as being more important than the story

I just went over this while discussing how bad Madame Web bombed, and now words from a Disney exec surface that, of course, blame fans for the failures of Star Wars and The Marvels.

The exec is so caught up in his/her woke BS that he/she doesn’t even realize the Disney Star Wars Trilogy and movies like The Marvels are simply bad films. Or maybe he/she does, and as I said regarding Madame Web, is desperately playing the blame game in a desperate attempt to save his/her job.

Just think, these are the assholes in charge making decisions.

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Woke BS destroys everything

As I have been stating for years, when an agenda takes precedence over the story, the story always suffers which in turn equates to a bad movie.

It’s not featuring female superheroes or diverse characters that makes the movies bad (otherwise EVERY female movie would be bad and EVERY male movie good), it’s throwing out the story to push those characters onto the fans for THE MESSAGE, which is exactly what both Star Wars and The Marvels have done.

They empower the female characters at the expense of the male characters which they intentionally make look like shit. That destroys the story.

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Blame fans

However, according to this clown of a Disney exec, the fans are bigots, misogynists, racists, etc. who – get this – are using “code” when they are stating the movies are bad but are secretly pushing their own “regressive gender stereotypes.”

Does this dumbass Disney exec realize that the target audience of his/her woke diverse agenda has rejected those films?

It’s this kind of thinking from this moron of an executive why Disney and Hollywood is in the gutter, and it’s this kind of thinking, why, yes, the movies are BAD.

So as a fan, if you don’t like their woke BS movies, YOU ARE TO BLAME AND YOU ARE RACIST (or what have you). I guess Mark Hamill is, too.

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Bob Iger fixing things?

We also see the Disney exec is bitter as now Bob Iger is trying to apparently fix things, where the exec doesn’t like the idea of using male characters as the lead.

Again, it’s not male characters that make the movies better. If these same clowns who have been developing the recent batch of shitty movies and TV shows used male characters, it would be just as shitty.

Case in point is that Marvel’s Phase 1-3 used people who were big fans of the comics, but then Kevin Feige told his Phase 4-5 crew not to read comics. How’d that turn out?

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“Audiences don’t hate diverse characters”

The Disney exec’s words – who, let’s be honest, should be f’n fired – come via Matt Beloni’s newsletter from Puck News (Beloni is the former editor at THR and a lawyer).

Previous to discovering this on Twitter, I also came across a tweet that destroys the woke nonsense and applies to this Disney exec.

“Audiences don’t hate diverse characters,” says the tweet from Clifton Duncan. “What they hate is being slammed as bigots for rejecting bad work from pretentious, unskilled activists posing as writers.”

Duncan added, “If the demography of your characters becomes more important than the story, your story will probably suck.”

Here is what the Disney exec says followed by the tweets:

The Feedback…

Light feedback this holiday week, but I want to share a DM I got from a Disney executive in response to Thursday’s column on whether the politicization of the Disney brand impacts box office…

“Everyone says ‘It’s the movies, stupid,’ which is an easy thing for people to say. More appealing movies are a great way to jump the political issues. But more and more, our audience (or the segment of the audience that has been politicized) equate the perceived messaging in a film as a quality issue. They won’t say they find female empowerment distasteful in The Marvels or Star Wars [the latest trilogy starring Daisy Ridley], but they will say they don’t like those movies because they are ‘bad.’ So ‘make better movies’ becomes code for ‘make movies that conform to regressive gender stereotypes or put men front and center in the narrative.’ Which is what you’re seeing now, and what Bob [Iger]’s pivot is about right now.” -A Disney executive

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