Deadshot Gone From Arrow Due To Suicide Squad Movie


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Hey, maybe WB is really creating a shared TV and movie universe after all, and Stephen Amell will be featured in Batman vs. Superman?

It's become known that Deadshot can no longer be used in Arrow – obviously due to Will Smith playing the part in David Ayer's Suicide Squad movie.

Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim was recently asked if Floyd Lawton (played by Michael Rowe) would be a series regular, with Guggenheim offering up the following response:

First, thanks for the kind words. I agree with you, our casting people — in Los Angeles and Vancouver — are the best. Unfortunately, Deadshot is off the table for the nonce.

Guggenheim says Deadshot is off the table for the time being, which may mean Floyd Lawton may eventually be able to return one day (or if Deadshot isn't allowed to return, how about just giving Lawton a new code name as it would be a shame not to feature such a great actor in the series?).

It is known that the WB TV shows have to get permission to use certain characters, such as Guggenheim and Kreisberg wanting to use Ted Kord, but WB stating they have plans for the character so why not use Ray Palmer instead; however, this may be the first time that WB has pulled the plug on an existing character in the DC TVU.

I'm not sure why WB put the stops on Deadshot in Arrow as I really don't see it that big of a deal if a different Deadshot is in the movies while another is on TV. I wonder if the same will be happening to Arrow's Amanda Waller, played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson, as the Suicide Squad movie will feature Viola Davis? Then what about The Flash?

I'm also beginning to question whether or nor the DC movie and TV universes are actually seperate as except for the couple of characters mentioned above, no characters are shared between the two universes.

In my own fanboy dreams, I envision Stephen Amell having a surprise apparance in Batman vs. Superman confirming the DC movie and TV universes are one and the same. I also envision the Justice League movies actually being a "Crisis" event with Ben Affleck, Christian Bale, Michael Keaton and Adam West featured as Batman, in addition to Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman; Ezra Miller, Grant Gustin and  John Wesley Shipp appearing as The Flash, and Henry Cavill and Brandon Routh as Superman (and Routh as The Atom!). Now wouldn't that be something?

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