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DC Still Has Plans For Titans

DC Still Has Plans For Titans


Following the disappointing news that TNT cancelled the live-action Titans TV series, it’s now learned DC still has plans for Titans in development.

DC Entertainment chief creative office Geoff Johns informed TV Line they knew ahead of time that TNT wasn’t going forth with the Titans TV series and said they are still moving forward with Titans regardless.

“We [at DC] have known about [Turner nixing Titans] for months and months and months. That’s not new news to us. We have plans for Titans,” Johns asserted. “It’s a huge piece of DC and we have plans.”

It was previously said by a TNT exec the reason Titans didn’t get green lit is because the “script wasn’t there” and that it wasn’t “screaming to get made.”

Obviously going by what Johns said above Titans is screaming to get made, but in what form remains to be seen. Is it possible WB may be going with a live-action Titans movie instead of the TV series? We’ll have to wait and find out.

The cancelled Titans TV series was said to have been possibly in the same universe as Arrow and The Flash centering on Dick Grayson as Robin, who would eventually have gone on to become Nightwing, and was working as a private detective in Boston. The Titans series as also said to include Barbara Gordon, Hawk and Dove, and Starfire, with Cyborg and Beast Boy as possibilities down the road.