DC Rumors: Professor Pyg, Huntress Movies In Development

Both are a part of the Batman universe with fans wondering if they could be in the DCU or Elseworlds.

Both are a part of the Batman universe with fans wondering if they could be in the DCU or Elseworlds.

DC Rumors: Professor Pyg, Huntress Movies In Development

Two new DC rumors hit the net as it is claimed a Professor Pyg movie is in development along with a film for Huntress.

The rumors come via scooper Daniel RPK who also recently said Ryan Gosling has been in talks for a Marvel role.

Actress Jessica Elise De Gouw recently played Hunteress in the Arrowvese, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead played Huntress in the Birds of Prey movie.

Professor Pyg appeared in the Gotham series played by Michael Cerveris.

Batman The Brave and the Bold

James Gunn building a BatVerse in the DCU?

Worth a mention is that both are a part of the DC Comics Batman universe and recently saw the big news that Matt Reeves is developing his Arkham series as part of James Gunn’s new DCU. If we had to guess, maybe as part of Gunn’s DCU, they are building a BatVerse featuring the Batman characters.

Brave and the Bold is in development which will feature a new actor as Batman and the flick will also feature the son of Bruce Wayne, Damian Wayne, so there’s another Bat-centric character.

Redditors also theorize a Professor Pyg movie could be “a psychological thriller or horror, perhaps” as “Pyg is a super f-cked up character.”

“A Pyg film in the style of Seven with Gordon following him would be so good, The Batman already nailed the Fincher styled detective vibes so it’d be a great fit,” said a Redditor.

Other Redditors think the flicks could be a part of the Pattinson universe or even a part of their own Elseworld movie, meaning similar to what Todd Phillips is doing with the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie which isn’t connected to anything.

“I can see Professor Pyg being Elseworld batverse film,” another added.

professor pyg batman dc comics

Who is Professor Pyg?

DC.com goes over a good history of the character in its article titled “Professor Pyg Will Make You(r Nightmares) Perfect.”

In the DC Comics, Professor Pyg is a supervillain who made his debut in in “Batman” #666 in 2007 created by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert. Professor Pyg, also known as Dr. Lazlo Valentin, is a deranged and sadistic character who wears a pig mask. He’s known for his gruesome methods and obsession with creating “Dollotrons,” people who have been surgically altered and brainwashed to become obedient and doll-like. His main goal is to perfect humanity by transforming people into his vision of perfection, which involves extreme and often horrific surgical procedures.

Professor Pyg has appeared in various Batman comics, animated series, and video games, often as a disturbing and memorable adversary due to his twisted methods and unsettling appearance.

huntress dc comics

Who is Huntress?

DC.com describes the character as:

A crossbow-wielding urban warrior and a core member of the Birds of Prey, the Huntress takes aim against crime in the dark heart of the city.

Born into a chaotic web of warring mob families in Gotham City, Helena Bertinelli’s life has always been a mess of violent extremes. At eight years old, she witnessed the murder of her mother, father and brother, an event that left her in the care of her uncle in Sicily. He taught her the code she would come to live by: “Blood cries for blood.” In order for Helena to proceed with her life, she would have to exact revenge on the people responsible for her family’s murder.

After spending her early teenage years training, she returned to Gotham City, only to learn the true depth of the Mafia’s corruption. After witnessing the Batman in action, Helena vowed to follow his example and purge the city of corruption by any means necessary—even if it meant crossing lines Batman would not.

Caught in a struggle between her rage and her role as a DC superhero, Huntress has come to represent the darker shades of gray in Gotham.

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