DC Comics Reveals Batman $3.99 Back-Up Story Details

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Cover By Greg Capullo

A few days ago DC Comics announced that Batman would be joining the likes of Justice League priced at $3.99.

With that news came the reasoning behind the price increase would be story related.

Now, DC has released details on the back-up story, and it begins with Batman #8 on sale in April.

The back-up will pair Batman writer Scott Snyder with his American Vampire artist Rafael Albuquerque, and will explore “the dark history of the Court of Owls, the mysterious and malevolent secret society wreaking havoc upon Gotham City in the ongoing series.”

DC further revealed that the back-ups will be involved with the first Batman New 52 event to begin this May, “The Night of The Owls,” described as, “a massive crossover event coming in May, which will span the Bat-books and reveal the full breadth of their master plan. With their claws sunk into Gotham history, the Owls represent a threat unlike anything Batman’s faced before, threatening to tip the city’s balance of power once and for all.”

DC also posted some of Albuquerque’s character sketches from the back-ups:

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