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David F. Sandberg Teases Shazam Villain Mister Atom

David F. Sandberg Teases Shazam Villain Mister Atom

Shazam is currently in preprodution, and director David F. Sandberg is hard at work getting the movie ready for it’s assumed filming at the beginning of the year.

David. F. Sandberg has been posting updates on Instagram about Shazam, with his latest being for Day 6.

Sandberg’s previous update seemingly teased the talking tiger Mister Tawky Tawny as well as Captain Marvel villain Mister Mind.

Now for day 6 it looks as if Mister Atom is added to the mix!

Mr. Atom is an evil radioactive robot who attempted to take over the world, but was stopped by Captain Marvel. Mr. Atom is an extremely smart and strong robot who has no human feelings so he could care less what happens to mankind. It’s a good thing we have Captain Marvel on our side!

Shazam looks to be releaesed in 2019.