David F. Sandberg Confirms Shazam (Video) With Kevin Smith


david f sandberg confirms shazam

The Shazam movie is a go and it will be directed by David F. Sandberg!

David F. Sandberg, who directed Lights Out and who is directing Annabelle 2 for WB, confirms Shazam on Twitter as well as with IMDb and Kevin Smith at Comic-Con.

Sanberg says he talked with Geoff Johns and New Line Cinema about Shazam.

“To get the job? Well, Geoff Johns and New Line, and yeah,” Sandberg said. “It’s coming along pretty well. It’s far down. Very happy with the script and how it’s coming along. It’s super exciting.”

It should be noted that the title of the video says Dwayne Johnson will be in Shazam, but David F. Sandberg does not confirm this in the video. Kevin Smith simply assumes Dwayne Johnson is in it, but recent reports have stated Black Adam may not be in Shazam, but will be getting his own movie.

Watch the video for more from David F. Sandberg and Kevin Smith talking Shazam: 

David F. Sandberg Is Official Director of ‘Shazam!’ | IMDb EXC…

David F. Sandberg is officially directing #Shazam!, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!

Posted by IMDb on Thursday, July 20, 2017