Dave Bautista Teases Bane Again Following James Gunn Asking Fans For Help

The actor has made it no secret he really wants to play the Batman bad guy.

The actor has made it no secret he really wants to play the Batman bad guy.

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It has long been known that Dave Bautista wants to play Bane, and recently on social media, the actor known for playing Drax in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy teases the character again.

In a recent interview, Bautista said he would love to work with James Gunn again whether it’s in the DCU or not and even said he would do it for free.

James Gunn caught wind of the interview and asked fans on Threads, “Who would you like to see Dave play in the DCU?”

Fans responded with Metamorpho (Anthony Carrigan is playing Metamorpho in Superman: Legacy), Hugo Strange, Martian Manhunter, Mongul, a mob boss, and of course, more than one fan replied with Bane.

Dave Bautista added his two cents on his Instagram Story with fan art featuring himself as Bane:

dave bautista bane

Wants to play Bane so bad

Back in 2019, Dave Bautista responded to fan casting of himself as Bane and replied to the tweet with an enthusiastic, “I accept!

It’s also known Bautista has spoke with Gunn about Bane but said to be before Gunn took over DC.

“I have had conversations with James about that,” he told Business Insider at the end of January 2023, “but I think the direction he’s leaning in, completely rebooting that whole universe, he’s starting from scratch…and I think you need to do that.”

Back in 2021, Bautista also revealed that he told Warner Bros. he wanted to be the next actor to play Bane.

“I’ve made no secret about this,” he told fans at JusticeCon. “I want to play Bane so bad I went to Warner Bros., had an appointment with them, had an appointment with DC, walked in the door, and said, ‘I want to play Bane.’ I’m not kidding. They were a little like, ‘Woah, we’re not even casting Bane.’ I was like, ‘I don’t care, I’m playing him.'”

Tom Hardy played the character for Christopher Nolan in The Dark Knight Rises, but that version wasn’t well received, and Jeep Swenson played Bane in the forgettable Batman & Robin, so maybe it’s time to bring in a better and more comic accurate version.

Dave Bautista Bane fan art:

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