The Dark Knight Rises (2012): Does New Image Of Neck Scar Reveal Post-Venom Bane?



When the first official image (right) of Tom Hardy as the villain Bane was released for The Dark Knight Rises speculation ran rampant.

Where were the Venom conduits?

Readers of the comic books will know that while Bane was in prison he was subjected to an experiment with “Venom,” a very addictive super steroid like drug. This jacked up Venom to the extreme — and then some. 

Fans also noted how “small” in stature Tom Hardy as Bane was compared to his Venom-infused comic book counterpart; actually he is smaller than Christian Bale as Batman in some set images. Could be just the casting or the “realism.”

Or could Christopher Nolan be giving us a post-Venom Bane, which would both explain the mask and Hardy’s size?

In the comics, Bane was jacked up on Venom when he broke Batman’s back. Eventually, Bane breaks the addiction to Venom and actually fights along side the Caped Crusader for a time. Bane then goes on a journey to discover his real father, and it is this quest which brings him to find the League of Assassins and Ra’s Al Ghul – who appoints Bane as his heir, much as Bruce Wayne was prior to that. Then, both Bane and Ra’s Al Ghul go after Gotham City.

Well, the following image shows Tom Hardy with a long scar in the back of the neck, seemingly where the Venom would be pumped directly into his blood stream. It looks as if, at one time, something was indeed embedded. Perhaps the current mask being used is some sort of withdrawal deterrent. 

Sounds as if Nolan is taking bits and pieces from the comic books, mixing them up and adding his own.

It seems as if Bane comes to Gotham after already having met Ra’s Al Ghul. In addition, it could be that Bane is just getting a smaller dose via the mask to ward of withdrawal, which would also fit in with Bane technically being on Venom while he breaks Batman’s back.


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The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012 and is directed by Christopher Nolan starring Christian Bale as Batman, Tom Hardy as Bane, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, Michael Cain as Alfred, Juno Temple and Josh Pence as a young Ra's al Ghul.

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