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Dan Slott Brings Back Spider-Man 2099

Dan Slott Brings Back Spider-Man 2099

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:7306:]]Announced at the recent C2E2, Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman are bringing Miguel O’Hara to the pages of Superior Spider-Man with September’s issue #17.

Not many details are known, but Slott did tell CBR that eagle-eyed Spidey fans can spot where he first hinted at Spider-Man 2099 by comparing their comic books to the corrected version of the trade.

 I can tell you that somewhere during the “Big Time” era I screwed up and wrote something incorrectly that we later fixed in the trade. If you’re an eagle-eyed fan of the “Big Time” era and you compare your comics to your trades, you’ll be able to find my flub, which tipped my hand way too early that we were planning a 2099 story.

Other details that Slott let be known about Spider-Man 2099 is that it will be the original (i.e. not the Kirkman reboot), and that the story will be similar to the Terminator of sorts.

This time out, Spider-Man 2099 coming from the future will very much be like a character from one of the “Terminator” movies showing up. What he perceives to be good or bad is based on what effect it will have on the future, which means that stuff in the present that appears on the surface to be good might have terrible ramifications — and vice versa.

This means you start running into all the paradoxes of, “Would you kill Hitler?” and then the worst paradox of, “Would you kill Hitler as a baby?” There’s always the danger in time travel stories of defining what is good and what is evil.

So what’s all this time travel business all about? Slott says it has to do with all the other similar events that are happening in the Marvel U.

If you’re paying close attention to the Marvel Universe, there are a lot of time anomalies and time travel stories that all seem to be happening during Marvel NOW!. We have the younger selves of the original five X-Men now in the present, the “Age of Ultron,” plus, there are a couple of other surprises on the horizon. And now there’s this. Something seems to be happening to Time in the Marvel U., which makes it the perfect time for someone from the future to come to the present.

We do know that Spidey and Spider-Man 2099 have met before, but this time it’s the Superior version.

This isn’t an Amazing Spider-Man that will be meeting him now! It’s a Superior Spider-Man. So that’ll be a first.

And Slott lets one more detail loose, the story will feature an Osborn, but will say no more (I think it’s rumored to be the return of Norman).

We will see a member of the Osborn family.