Dan Lin Not Taking Over DC Films

The LEGO Batman Producer will not be taking over the DC films universe as talks fell apart where the hunt continues.

The LEGO Batman Producer will not be taking over the DC films universe as talks fell apart where the hunt continues.

Dan Lin Not Taking Over DC Films

Dan Lin will not be taking over the DC films universe.

Word comes from CNBC and Deadline.

It is reported that things came to a head over Lin’s Rideback production company where it seems as if Warner Bros. Discovery would have had to fold Rideback into WBD but the talks didn’t work out and the negotiations fell apart.

Dan Lin was CEO David Zaslav’s choice to take over DC films where it is reported that Zaslav personally met with Lin in his attempt to convince him to take the job.

From previous interviews, it is known that Dan Lin is a big DC fan as he was a producer on the defunct George Miller Justice League movie from 2008 where Lin was supposed to oversee the DC movie universe.

Recently also saw Lin state that DC was the one that got away and that producing The LEGO Batman movies was a way of making things right, so Lin not taking over DC does come off as a disappointment.

Dwayne Johnson Black Adam Comic-Con
Dwayne Johnson Black Adam Comic-Con

Black Adam is next from DC films

So the hunt is still on for someone to take over DC, which currently sees Mike De Luca in charge, but De Luca is actually in charge of all of WB films along with Pam Abdy, so he wouldn’t be able to exclusively oversee the DC universe.

Update: Variety offers insiders are stating that “there is no immediate urgency to fill the job, as Warner Bros. studio chiefs Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy are seen as adept stewards of the current slate of DC projects.”

Deadline also adds the status of the current head of DC films, Walter Hamada, is unknown, as it has been reported Hamada is supposed to leave WBD with someone new coming onboard to take over DC.

In addition to Dan Lin, WBD approached Emma Watts, a top film executive at 20th Century Studios and Paramount, to take the job in April but Watts turned down the offer. 

Currently, the DC films have Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam movie coming out in October, and both Shazam: Fury of the Gods and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom saw their release dates moved back.

The Flash is still on track but there is still the question about Ezra Miller where, as of now, it seems as if Miller and WBD are trying to work things out. It’s guessed there will be some sort of PR campaign where Miller will try to fix his image involving apologizing (which he already has done) and doing interviews in an attempt to make things right in the eyes of the public.

Zaslav also canceled Batgirl, but the Blue Beetle movie is said to be still getting released.

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