Dan Buckley Named President Of Marvel Entertainment


dan buckley president marvel

My hopes of Bob Iger getting rid of some of the Marvel TV/Comics execs seems to be wishful thinking as Dan Buckley, publisher of Marvel Comics, has been named the President of Marvel Entertainment.

THR points out Dan Buckley will not have anything to do with Marvel Studios, which is to be expected as Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige booted Buckley and the Marvel Comics Creative Committee from having any involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

The report mentions Dan Buckley will report to Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter (who Feige also booted) and will oversee Marvel's gaming division, global brand management and the franchise groups, which oversee licensing and merchandising.

So basically this says everytthing Marvel that isn't the movies falls under Ike Perlmutter's wing (comics, TV, gaming, licensing, merchandising) and that Dan Buckley will be in charge and report to Perlmutter.

The report goes on to further state: "The promotion is seen partly as a doubling down of the company into the creation of content that is non-film related," — which reads to me of being more evidence to there being a division between Marvel Studios and Ike Perlmutter's Marvel TV/Comics/Gaming/Licensing/Merchandising, which I just went over in the Kingping article with Inhumans being an example.  I am also guessing the two are more or less now competing. What the blub is also stating is that Perlmutter is doubling down his efforts to promote their own content, content not related to Kevin Feige's Marvel movies or characters, which explains why the MCU characters have been getting killed off or vastly altered in the comics.

Buckley was also behind the decision to fire Abnett and Lanning off their popular Marvel Cosmic line of comics that inspired the billion dollar Guardians of the Galaxy franchise at Disney.

On a side note, Perlmutter also looks to be involved with Donald Trump's presidencey, serving as an advisor on veteran affairs, but apparently Perlmutter will still be retaining his Marvel CEO position according to reports, unfortunately.  

I am of the opinion that Perlmutter, Fine, Buckley, Quesada, Bendis, Loeb, Alonso, Brevoort and Wacker all need to go as they are doing more harm to the Marvel brand than good. Hopefully Disney realizes it one day.