Daisy Ridley Rumored Star Wars Title Is ‘A New Beginning’ According To AI

A rumor from a production site claims the flick will be Episode X.

daisy ridley star wars new beginning

This is pretty funny: It’s claimed that the Daisy Ridley Star Wars movie – assuming it happens – is titled “Star Wars: Episode X – A New Beginning” and films later this year.

While the flick has been referred to as “New Jedi Order,” it is claimed that is just a working title.

The info comes via Productionlist.com which doesn’t appear to be official, and the site claims to be “film and tv’s production tracking service, offered by the Film & Television Industry Alliance.”

daisy ridley star wars

Artificial intelligence is being used

However, the text in the article actually uses artificial intelligence, according to multiple online AI checkers, and it’s obvious the image they use of Daisy Ridley is AI-created (why?), so take all this with a grain of salt.

For example, the info says the following which doesn’t sound like it was written by a real person:

The production of A New Beginning is set to be a monumental effort, aiming to capture the expansive universe that fans have come to love. Filming is scheduled to begin later this year, with pre-production activities already underway. The production will span multiple locations worldwide, utilizing a mix of real-world settings and advanced studio environments to bring the galaxy far, far away to life. Cutting-edge technology, including the latest in CGI and practical effects, will be employed to maintain the high visual standards of the franchise.

That said, use of AI doesn’t necessarily mean the title isn’t “A New Beginning.” Whoever is behind the article/site likely used “Star Wars: A New Beginning” as part of their prompt to create the info.

More info via AI:

The production of A New Beginning offers a myriad of opportunities for industry professionals across various disciplines. From actors and stunt performers to behind-the-scenes crew such as set designers, special effects artists, and costume designers, there are numerous roles to be filled. Open casting calls will be announced in the coming weeks. Interested actors are encouraged to prepare for a rigorous audition process, given the high-profile nature of the project. Positions for technical and creative crew members will be posted through official industry channels. Previous experience in large-scale film productions will be advantageous.

And again:

A New Beginning aims to differentiate itself from previous installments by exploring new themes and storylines within the Star Wars universe. By breaking away from the traditional storytelling patterns and rhyming schemes of the original trilogies, this film will establish its own unique style and atmosphere. This approach not only honors the legacy of George Lucas but also allows the new era of Star Wars to carve out its own identity.

A separate rumor actually says the Daisy Ridley Star Wars movie has been canceled by Bob Iger, so we’ll have to wait for an official announcement from Lucasfilm.

Ridley has recently said again that she hasn’t read a script, and the movie doesn’t have an official release date. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is supposed to be directing.

Source: Productionlist.com

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