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Crisis On Infinite Earths: Fans Disappointed By Tom Welling, Kevin Conroy, Superman

Matt McGloin Posted: 12/09/2019 - 21:46 COMMENT
Crisis On Infinite Earths: Fans Disappointed By Tom Welling, Kevin Conroy, Superman

Tonight saw part 2 air of the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover which is receiving mixed responses from fans on social media regarding the appearances by Tom Welling, Kevin Conroy, the Brandon Routh version of the Christopher Reeve Superman, and the return of Oliver Queen.

Note: Spoilers follow.

Crisis On Infiniate Earths Brandon Routh Superman

Brandon Routh version of the Christopher Reeve Superman:

Regarding the Brandon Routh version of the Christopher Reeve Superman, it's revealed that the entire supporting cast from the Donner films has been killed off, including Lois Lane, Perry White and Jimmy Olsen, in a gas attack on the Daily Planet that Superman couldn't stop (for some reason). I guess those details about bringing back Christopher Reeve back in hologram form are wrong? The gas attack is adapted from the DC Comics "Kingdom Come" comic book where Joker committed mass murder and killed the entire staff of the Daily Planet, but I don't feel the Reeve Superman is the Kingdom Come version at all. Hopefully, the Reeve Superman is a part of another Earth.

I also can't wait to hear Mark Waid complain about how the fight wasn't taken to a cornfield and that buildings were damaged in Metropolis (lol).

Kevin Conroy Crisis On Infinite Earths

Kevin Conroy Batman:

Crisis On Infinite Earths reveals Kevin Conroy as a murderous Batman who has been injured while killing Superman.

Kate and Kara go to his Earth to find the "Paragon of Courage," but instead find this mad version of Batman that attempts to kill them. The Conroy Batman has kryptonite and takes out Supergirl, while with one kick, Kate sends Conroy flying where he gets electrocuted and dies. LOL. Lame. It's revealed that Kate is the actual Paragon of Courage, and of course, is the future of the  "Bat" family. Yawn.

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Tom Welling Crisis On Infinte Earths

Tom Welling from Smallville:

Great Scott, now on to Tom Welling.

I guess Michael Rosenbaum was right to turn down the offer to cameo in Crisis On Infinite Earths. Rosenbaum basically said things were a big mess, there was no script, etc., and he was right.

Crisis did reveal that the Smallville Lex is the president of that Earth, which is pretty cool, but fans aren't happy with Tom Welling, as it is revealed he gave up his powers to have a family. If you have been following Tom Welling for the past ten years or so, you know he's pretty much dead against donning the Superman suit, so this isn't too surprising, but since he was appearing in Crisis, a lot of fans were hoping he would wear the suit, and now they are really disappointed. It's revealed that Kryptonite no longer affects him because he gave up his powers and that he has daughters with Lois.

Obviously, Welling would only come back if he wasn't wearing the Superman suit. Cha-ching!

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Watch the footage:

Stephen Amell Crisis On Infinite Earths

Oliver Queen and Lazarus Pit:

Some fans also aren't happy that Oliver Queen has been brought back to life so quickly and through the use of a Lazarus Pit, as the show didn't use a Lazarus Pit to bring back Laurel.

I guess you can't make everyone happy.

Here are some reactions, mine included: