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Frank Miller Wants To Direct A Batman Movie; Batman Vs. Superman Not Adapting Dark Knight Returns

Matt McGloin Posted: 10/09/2015 - 12:12 COMMENT

DC Comics just held their The Dark Knight 30th Anniversary panel which saw Frank Miller as the surprise guest star.

As Warner Bros. is releasing Batman Vs. Superman next March, more than a couple questions from the audience regarding the film were asked.

Frank Miller was specifically asked if there would ever be a Batman film based on his comics - "a real one " - and would he ever consider directing a Batman movie.

"Yes," Miller responded to the roar and laughter of the crowd. "The time will happen exactly when my phone rings."

Miller was also asked if he was involved with the movie.

"Very simple. No influence," Miller said. "I wasn't asked, and I wasn't told. So, no."

Likewise, DC Comics editor John Cunningham, who moderated the panel, continued by flat out stating Batman Vs. Superman is not an adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns.

Miller was also asked if there was anything from The Dark Knight Returns that he would like to see make it into the movie, with Miller responding the Batman vs. Superman fight that sees Batman winning.

Another small tidbit regarding the movie saw a fan mistakenly refer to The Dark Knight Returns as Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises in which Miller told the fan to "don't ever say that again," which caused the crowd to erupt.

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Frank Miller gets introduced:


Frank Miller!

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