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Advanced Review: Marvel Now!: Point One #1

Posted: 10/16/2012 - 21:01

The future of Marvel comics is bestowed upon us in Marvel Now! Point One. This is not the full scope, but rather, glimpses of some of the biggest and brightest new creations for 2013! A bevy of Marvel top talent has put their best foot forward to lay the foundation for the future, but, is it really worth the six dollar price tag?

Point One is an amalgam of intriguing tales and notable flops. Ranging from new characters like Miss America, revamping fan favorites such as Nova and even returning characters that have not been seen in a very long time -- Forge! This book will leave fans in a "love/hate" scenario. Regardless of whom your favorite characters are, it is the quality of the tales that separate the good from the bad -- not the character.

I do not pretend to know Marvel Cosmic -- I am the "street" guy in the CBN offices. The last time I read a Nova tale, he was running with the New Warriors! But I enjoyed this slight glimpse into the "new" Nova. It was intriguing, referencing Rich Rider and his exploits a few times, and yet somehow winning me over with the "kid." I cannot tell you if new or old fans will enjoy it, I can only tell you that I did!

But, the best story is that of Peter Quill. A jarring piece that grabbed me instantly! Not knowing a thing about Starlord, Bendis' tale made me want to! Fast paced, it's placement in the book was perfectly balanced to excite the reader into the rest of the book. Unfortunately, the rest of the tales paled in comparison.

For me, the worst tale was the story of Forge and Cable. It was as misshapen as Forge's leg, giving nothing for the reader to grab onto and feel invested in. I know these are just glimpses, teasers about the future, but, nothing here created excitement for said future. It was a ramble in order to show the mental duress of Forge, but it didn't resonate well at all.

Nick Spencer's wrap around tale of Nick Fury and a man proclaiming to be from the future, gave the perfect amount of direction to the overall book. A balance between the zany and profound, Spencer keeps it all in a well wound story that ends open-ended. The perfect stepping stone for the future of Marvel, one that is beginning to look brighter everyday.

But six dollars? Keep out all the advertisements and I would be happy to pay three!