Constantine Crossover With Batman Vs. Superman Would Be Amazing Says Matt Ryan



Matt Ryan is currently starring on NBC’s Constantine, playing the titular character who battles both inner demons and demons from the netherworld.

Ryan recently spoke about the show and mentioned he thinks having a crossover with Batman Vs. Superman would be pretty great.

“I’m not sure. The show’s made by Warner Bros., which has the deal with DC, and it’s licensed to NBC, so I don’t know how the ins and outs of that work,” Ryan told the UK’s Mirror. “But as an actor, how amazing would that be to do a crossover?”

Warner Bros. is currently building a shared movie universe, which will most likely feature John Constantine with Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark.

While it has been stated the DC movie and TV universes are separate, it’s still always a possibility that somewhere down the road the two could become one (perhaps in a Crisis-type event?).

Maybe we will even see Matt Ryan as the DC movie version of Constantine; Guillermo del Toro did state he would be open to it.

The latest on Justice League Dark is that the script is finished, and WB is presently reviewing it to decide whether or not to greenlight production.

Ryan also offered the following about playing Constantine:

“This is a different kind of genre of comic book show, that’s what makes it unique. Constantine’s not a superhero, he’s a working class anti-hero, he’s a man’s man. The early comic books were political as well, and that sets it apart. The fact that he’s got this twisted, tormented soul and sticks his middle finger up at the devil and has this cynical sarcasm, that’s what makes it different – he’s a real anti-hero.”

“Constantine” returns Friday, January 16th on NBC in its new timeslot at 8pm ET.

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