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Dark Horse Announces Hellboy Day

25 years of the world’s greatest paranormal investigator.

Wolverine and Hulk Team Up Announced: Hulkverines

Hulk and Wolverine smash! By Grek Pak!

Stan Lee Tribute Video From Marvel and Disney

Saluting the life and career of Stan Lee.

Marvel and Disney Remember Stan Lee

Bob Iger, Kevin Feige, Ike Perlmutter, CB Cebulski and more.

Stan Lee Dies At 95

The Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee has passed.

Comic Book Sales and Charts For October 2018

Batman, Walking Dead take top spots.

Ethan Van Sciver Launches All Caps Comics

The stellar artist known for Green Lantern launches own comic company.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters Gets Prequel Comic Book

Will test the King of Monsters like never before.

Marvel Comics Fires Star Wars Writer Over Tweets

Chuck Wendig canned for profane tweets.

Guardians of the Galaxy Tease Includes Nova

Only six of the characters will make the cut!

Marvel Comics Teases New Guardians of the Galaxy

Who will stand when the last Guardians falls!

Star Trek: The Q Conflict Unites The Captains

Tt will take all of Starfleet’s best captains to stop them.

Quasar Cosmos In Collision TPB Out In October

Quasar fans have been waiting a decade for this.

Comic Book Sales For August 2018

Marvel takes on top, but DC takes more of the top ten!

Jim Starlin, Ron Marz Infinity Editions Announced

Grand cosmic architects of the universe unite!

X-Force Announced By Marvel Comics

Original team pairs with none other than Deathlok.

Superior Spider-Man Returns To Marvel Comics

New ongoing and creative team.

Marvel Comics Teases Guardians of the Galaxy Death

New one shot reveal fallen Guardian.

Batman Day Announced By DC Comics For 2018

Coming in September! Free comics available and more.

Conan Returns To Marvel Comics In January

Following an eighteen year absence, the new creative team is announced.

Wolverine: New Costume and Hot Claws Revealed

Return of Wolverine kicks off next month in Marvel Comics.

First Look At Kevin Smith's Hit-Girl

Hit-Girl: The Golden Rage of Hollywood.

Stan Lee Addresses Fan Concerns In Video

Let's hope Stan Lee is okay!

Netflix and Mark Millar Announce Prodigy Comic Book

Second comic book series from Netflix and Millar.

Comic Book Sales and Chart For July 2018

DC's Batman #50 does take the #1 spot overall, with both DC and Marvel splitting the top ten.