Captain Marvel Wednesday Box Office Is In


The Captain Marvel box office numbers continue to come in, with Wednesday’s now available, which sees the flick drop 41.4% from Tuesday, and 21.8% from Monday.

Wednesday sees Captain Marvel with an $8,586,183 U.S. box office, with the reason for the large decline due to Tuesday’s bump because of discounted ticket pricing.

The day-to-day numbers have been comparable to Guardians of the Galaxy 2, so Captain Marvel seems to be going at a decent pace. Again, this weekend should reveal more about how well the movie will do at the box office overall.

The film has also passed $100 million in China, with $104,100,000 through yesterday (Venom finished with $272 million in China for comparison, with Aquaman $298M). I’m guessing Captain Marvel will have a hard time hitting the billion-dollar mark as I don’t think its Chinese numbers will be as high as the aforementioned two films. Again, Captain Marvel seems similar to Guardians of the Galaxy 2 which finished with just over $863 million, though it is possible if Captain Marvel doesn’t have any legs that it could perform lower than GOTG 2, which only saw a 55.5% drop for its second-weekend box office.

Captain Marvel box office

Here are the current Captain Marvel box office numbers:

Domestic: $187,647,498

Foreign: $362,600,000

Worldwide: $550,247,498


Thursday / Friday: $61,715,051

Saturday: $52,872,536 (-14.3%)

Sunday: $38,845,836 (-26.5%)

Monday: $10,986,773 (-71.7%)

Tuesday: $14,641,119 (+33.3%)

Wednesday: $8,586,183 (-41.4%)

(numbers via Amazon’s Box Office Mojo)