Captain Marvel, She-Hulk Apparently Dropped From Captain America 4

With massive reshoots comes possible massive plot changes.

With massive reshoots comes possible massive plot changes.

Captain Marvel, She-Hulk Apparently Dropped From Captain America 4

She-Hulk Season 2 isn’t happening and now it is apparently learned the character has been dropped from Captain America 4 along with possibly Captain Marvel, and others.

Tatiana Maslany recently revealed that Disney said “no thanks” to She-Hulk Season 2 because not enough people watched the series to warrant its huge budget.

There has actually been a rumor that the actress was fired by Disney which went viral on TikTok but if Tatiana Maslany isn’t returning as She-Hulk, it more than likely means she simply is being brought back because the Disney+ series was such a big failure as fans rejected the character and the show.

Likewise, the same holds true for Brie Larson and Captain Marvel as The Marvels failed horribly, the worst-performing MCU and superhero movie of all time, which also starred Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel from her failed Disney+ series.

So it’s not a surprise if these characters don’t continue on in the MCU.

Update: Mark Ruffalo confirms Hulk for the movie.

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What about Captain America 4?

Regarding Captain America 4, rumors have offered the flick is supposed to feature multiple Hulks, might be about Hulk blood (a plot in the She-Hulk series), and I believe it was YouTube Grace Randolph who has said She-Hulk would be appearing in the film.

Well, with Captain America: Brave New World undergoing massive reshoots, it’s now claimed She-Hulk isn’t in the movie along with other characters.

A recent rumor surfaced that states She-Hulk, Moon Knight, the Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Shang-Chi are going to appear in Captain America: Brave New World.

However, scooper Daniel RPK has said, “They’re not in it and won’t be in it.”

It has also been claimed that The Serpent Society has been cut, which includes WWE’s Seth Rollins.

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Captain America 4 Gets New Title: Brave New World

What is going on with the reshoots?

Captain America: Brave New World (remember, it was first titled “New Word Order”) is said to be going through massive reshoots said to involve adding more action scenes.

Scooper Daniel RPK previously also said the flick has been delayed because Marvel felt that the action sequences in the film were not big or satisfying enough when compared to the previous Captain America films.

Jeff Sneider also previously said three major sequences are getting cut from the movie and that reshoots will happen for five months.

We can add that assuming the above is true about all the characters no longer appearing that the reshoots also involve massive plot changes. It’s known with the reshoots, Marvel has brought on a new writer with Matthew Orton.

Captain America: Brave New World now has a February 14, 2025 release date, delayed seven months from its original release, and is directed by Julius Onah starring Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson and Harrison Ford as Thaddeus Ross.

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