Seth Rollins Apparently Cut From Captain America: Brave New World

Rumors claim the action scenes are getting redone because they're not good.

Rumors claim the action scenes are getting redone because they're not good.

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It’s claimed that WWE Superstar Seth Rollins has apparently been cut from Captain America: Brave New World.

The info offers with the reshoots happening, that Marvel has completely removed The Serpent Society from the movie.

Due to leaked set pics, it’s known Seth Rollins was playing a villain, a member of The Serpent Society.

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What is said about Captain America: Brave New World?

According to the CanWeGetToast Twitter account, the scenes were supposed to be the first major action piece that featured Captain America, Falcon and Isiah Badley. However, previously rumored details (see below) have said the action scenes were a major problem and are the reason for the reshoots.

The account adds that Rosa Salazar’s Diamondback might survive the new version of the movie.

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Could have been a cool crossover

Worth a mention is that apparently Seth Rollins wasn’t specifically mentioned by the account, but again, the account claims The Serpent Society has been completely removed from Captain America: Brave New World so it adds up.

Back in October, Rollins spoke about having a role in the film.

“It was a really good experience and I think it’s going to be pretty cool,” he said. “I think our audience is going to love it. I think their audience is going to love it, so it was a cool crossover to be able to jump into some totally different skin and try a new thing out for me.”

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Undergoing massive reshoots

The film is said to be going through massive reshoots  said to involve adding more action scenes.

Scooper Daniel RPK has also said Captain America: Brave New World has been delayed because Marvel felt that the action sequences in the film were not big or satisfying enough when compared to the previous Captain America films, which includes Civil War and The Winter Soldier.

Jeff Sneider also previously said three major sequences will be cut from the movie and that reshoots will happen for five months from January 2024 to May 2024.

Captain America: Brave New World now has a February 14, 2025 release date directed by Julius Onah also starring Harrison Ford as Thaddeus Ross.

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