Captain America 4 Gets New Writer

Marvel recently delayed the movie by seven months.

Marvel recently delayed the movie by seven months.

Captain America 4 Gets Another Writer

Sounding like a broken record, it is learned that Marvel’s Captain America: Brave New World is getting a new writer.

Similar to a lot of recent Marvel movies, MCU Disney+ shows, and upcoming projects, it’s also said Captain America 4 is a big disaster.

Marvel recently delayed the flick by seven months after having completed filming. It’s said the movie is to undergo massive reshoots.

So with those reshoots comes news of a new writer, Matthew Orton, who is credited as writing an episode of Moon Knight and being an associate producer.

Confirming rumors, Deadline says “Orton will work on material that will be shot in additional photography, which will take place in spring-summer of 2024.”

Those reshoots are said to involve adding more action scenes.

Scooper Daniel RPK has said Captain America: Brave New World has been delayed because Marvel felt that the action sequences in the film were not big or satisfying enough when compared to the previous Captain America films, which include Civil War and The Winter Soldier.

Jeff Sneider also previously said three major sequences will be cut from the movie and that reshoots will happen for five months from January 2024 to May 2024.

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Harrison Ford and Anthony Mackie on set

Doesn’t live up to the two previous Captain America films

So putting the info all together, Mattew Orton will do rewrites involving cutting the three major sequences that need to be reshot because the action isn’t all that good and doesn’t live up to the two previous Captain America films directed by the Russos (they used the John Wick team for Civil War and The Winter Soldier is one of the best MCU movies of all time).

Marvel has also changed the title from “New World Order” in favor of “Brave New World.”

Julius Onah is directing who has described the flick as a paranoid thriller. Anthony Mackie is back starring as the titular character. Harrison Ford is also playing Thaddeus Ross, the president of the United States, who is also expected to be featured as Red Hulk. Also returning from The Incredible Hulk is Tim Blake Nelson as Samuel Sterns, said to be playing The Leader, and Liv Tyler returning as Betty Ross.

It is also known that both Thunderbolts and Fantastic Four have recently added new writers, as well as Blade, with all three flicks said to have major problems as well. Marvel is also retooling Daredevil: Born Again on Disney+ and completely overhauling its Marvel TV division.

Captain America: Brave New World recently saw its release date shift from July 26, 2024 to Feb. 14, 2025.

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