Captain Marvel 2 Rumors Include Female Nova


It just gets bad to worse for cosmic under Kevin Feige as Captain Marvel 2 rumors offer a female version of Nova and more.

The rumors offer in part that a female Nova will be used in the movie that will help to eventually set up an A-Force movie with Captain Marvel — A-Force being Marvel’s female team of superheroes that no one liked or bought that didn’t even last a dozen issues in the comics.

The Captain Marvel 2 rumors come from 4Chan, so they could be a stretch, but 4Chan was recently right about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and they have been right about Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and The Last Jedi.

A-Force female avengers

Captain Marvel 2 Nova rumors:

The Captain Marvel 2 rumor says that what is left of Nova Corp after the planet’s destruction at the hands of Thanos will be involved in the movie. There are some concepts not used in Infinity War that will be used at the beginning of Captain Marvel 2.

It’s claimed that Richard Rider’s daughter, Beth Rider, will be the Nova in the MCU and a sub-antagonist of Captain Marvel.

Beth Rider won’t be the only survivor of Xandar which was destroyed by Thanos and the Black Order at the start of Infinity War to retrieve the Power Stone.

The villain of Captain Marvel 2 is said to be Talonar, who in the comics is Richard Rider’s brother (Talon-R), Robbie, who gets the power of a Darkhawk (Raptor); so the villain would be the uncle to Beth Rider.

It’s said the flick will see Beth Rider and Carol Danvers develop a romantic relationship throughout the film.

Talos the Skrull will gain the ability to copy other characters’ powers, like a Super Skrull in the comics.

Regarding A-Force, it’s said that Feige and Marvel want the Jane Foster Female Thor to cameo in Captain Marvel 2 as Marvel wants to build A-Force with Carol Danvers as their leader. It’s noted Talos won’t be part of A-Force because it will be an all-woman team.