Brie Larson Sexy: Goes Viral With Low-Cut Dress on Jimmy Kimmel


Brie Larson once again goes viral as this time the Captain Marvel actress trends for her low-cut dress while guest-hosting last night on Jimmy Kimmel.

Fans quickly took notice and posted on social media.

“I knew Brie Larson was gonna trend on Twitter today soon as I saw her on Jimmy Kimmel …I had to stop my channel surfing too! She looks good,” one fan tweeted.

“Jimmy looks STUNNING tonight!” the official Kimmel Twitter joked about Brie Larson doing the guest host monologue.

“Brie Larson is literally the most attractive person to ever walk the earth you cannot change my mind,” another fan tweeted.

During the monologue, Brie Larson joked about getting to see what Captain Marvel would look like as an old man chain-smoking in a wig. “And it’s still kind of hot” she said.

Larson also said 2019 has been a good year for her as her films, Captain Marvel and The Avengers: Endgame, grossed almost $4 billion. “And tonight, I am getting eight hundred bucks and a plate of hummus,” she joked. “It was a huge honor to be the first woman to ever headline her own Marvel movie. To break that ceiling, but there are so many other great female superheroes like Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Nancy Pelosi… Yeah! We are unstoppable!”

Of course, Brie Larson had to also take a stab at President Donald Trump.

“And oh yeah, the president just got impeached,” she said. “But of all the nights to be here, you know, that happened. Poor Jimmy. He has been talking about this for seventy years, and I guest host for one night. Boom! President is impeached! Interesting. What can I say! I guess woman just get sh-it done!”

Recently saw Brie Larson go viral for her support of Wonder Woman and her bubble bath videos.

Brie Larson on Jimmy Kimmel:

Brie Larson Jimmy Kimmel

Brie Larson Jimmy Kimmel

Brie Larson Jimmy Kimmel

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