Brevoort Feeling The Heat: NINO Nova Is Jar Jar Binks



Amidst dwindling sales for the Jeph Loeb Nova series, Richard Rider fans have begun popping up on social networks voicing their support for their favorite Marvel Cosmic super hero.

And it seems that the publicity has gotten so bad for Marvel, that Marvel Comics Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort has stopped answering Richard Rider questions on his Tumblr account.

“This topic is closed, at least for the time being,” Brevoort posted. “All questions pertaining to it from this point forward will be deleted.”

For whatever reason, Marvel decided to replace Richard Rider with Sam Alexander, dubbed NINO (Nova In Name Only) by the fans.

Jeph Loeb was announced off the book with the publishing of issue #2, and by issue #3 the series was selling less than the previous run, which many have pointed out didn’t receive all the attention of the Marvel hype machine.

Obviously, Richard Rider might not be as well known as a Hulk or a Spider-Man, but the character has had a loyal fan base for the past 37 years.

Now with it becoming known that Disney has moved the Star Wars line of comics to Marvel, comparisons are being made between NINO and another Star Wars character that has brought just as much displeasure amongst the fans – Jar Jar Binks.

Similar to NINO, Jar Jar Binks is a joke of a character, a mockery of the Star Wars that preceded it.

While Richard Rider saved the universe from the likes of Annihilus in Annihilation (Omnibus coming out soon!), NINO Nova had to ask his mom if he could join the Avengers. NINO is exactly the opposite of everything that Nova and Richard Rider stands for. You can read all our reviews on the latest series.

Fans have already started petitions to bring back Richard Rider as Nova, which currently has over 200 supporters, and Richard Rider recently topped a poll of characters that fans would like to see return at CBR.

Even though Tom Brevoort will not publicly address the Richard Rider questions on his Tumblr, he still reads them, and you can ask away there.

Also be sure to contact Marvel, Tom Brevoort and EIC Axel Alonso through the following:


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