‘Blue Beetle’ Rotten Tomatoes Score Is In

How does it compare to the other DC movies?

How does it compare to the other DC movies?

'Blue Beetle' Rotten Tomatoes Score Is In

The Blue Beetle Rotten Tomatoes score is in as the next highly anticipated(?) DC movie opens this week starting Thursday with advanced previews.

With the first 53 reviews posted, the Blue Beetle Rotten Tomatoes score from critics presently stands at 87%; once the flick gets released starting tomorrow, the Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score will become available.

So how does the Blue Beetle 87% Rotten Tomatoes Score compare to the other DC movies? Follow along below and read over some of the positive and negative reviews.

Update: With 101 reviews, the score is now at 81%.

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How does the Blue Beetle Rotten Tomatoes Score compare to the other DC movies?

Blue Beetle is way ahead of The Flash, which has a Rotten Tomatoes Score of 64%.

More good news is that it’s also light years ahead of Shazam: Fury of the Gods‘ 49%.

It’s also ahead of Dwayne Johnson and Black Adam‘s 39%.

It’s close to James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, which has a 90% Rotten Tomatoes Score.

It’s also ahead of the four-hour cut of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which is at 72%.

The Blue Beetle Rotten Tomatoes Score is also ahead of Wonder Woman 1984‘s 58%, so that is another good sign.

And it’s ahead of Margot Robbie’s Birds of Prey, 78%.

The first Shazam! movie presently tops Blue Beetle with 90%.

What about the Snyder Verse?

Blue Beetle tops everything except Wonder Woman, which is at 93%.

Aquaman – 65%; Whedon’s Justice League – 39%; Suicide Squad – 26%; Batman vs Superman – 29%, and Man of Steel at 56%.


What do the critics think of Blue Beetle?

Here is what some of the Top Critics think:

Fresh: “This heartwarming, crowd-pleasing comic book flick is less serious and more colorful than the tonally dour mood of many contemporary superhero films.” – RogerEbert.com

Rotten: “Ultimately, it devolves into the kind of chaotic clash of robot-suited antagonists that has become, in this era of the comic movie, demoralizingly repetitive and, dare I say it, boring.” – Washington Post

Fresh: “Blue Beetle works, basically, and that puts it ahead of the game for most DC Comics-derived movies.” – Chicago Tribune

Rotten: “The emotional beats are strenuous yawns, the crashing lack of novelty disguised desperately, but not well. It’s dim, and it’s dull.” – Daily Telegraph

Fresh: “Blue Beetle is broad and endearingly kid-friendly in its humor. It is also precise in its homages to Mexican culture.” – Independent UK

Rotten: “This is a mostly by-the-numbers origin story with underwhelming VFX, a disappointingly cartoonish villain and a final battle sequence and epilogue that follow the pattern of a dozen or more previous superhero origin stories.” – Chicago Sun Times

Fresh: “The filmmakers and the SFX team have created a memorable visual style for the film, supported by a wide array of Latino talent that underpins the authenticity of the narrative and the visuals.” – AV Club

Rotten: “For a film that incessantly natters on about Jaime’s purpose, “Blue Beetle” has bafflingly little sense of what its own might be.” – IndieWire

Fresh: “Just when you thought super-films couldn’t get any more mechanical comes Blue Beetle, the story of ‘ancient alien biotechnology’ which turns out to have heart, soul, and some serious politics.” – Screen International

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