‘Black Adam’ Rumored To Feature ‘Brighter’ Superman

The question on everyone's mind is whether or not Henry Cavill will return to the role.

'Black Adam' Rumored To Open Door To New Superman Movie

Black Adam rumors claim the film opens the door to a new brighter Superman movie, with it hoped Henry Cavill can return to the role.

Warning: Possible spoilers might follow.

The rumor comes from what looks to be a Black Adam fan Twitter account, @AjepArt, where the account has details about the Superman appearance in the flick.

Black Adam vs Superman fan art posted by Dwayne Johnson
Black Adam vs Superman fan art posted by Dwayne Johnson by Boss Logic

Black Adam Superman rumors

It’s claimed Black Adam features the Henry Cavill suit from Man of Steel but with brighter colors (i.e. the first pic above).

“Superman suit in Black Adam closer to this suit. MOS (2013) with brighter colors,” states the account. “I’m fine with this personally, my fancast is Henry Cavill.”

Regarding the comment about the fancast, it’s still unknown if Henry Cavill will return to the Superman role, as cameo appearances in Shazam! and Peacemaker featured a different actor in the suit (more on that below).

“Superman cameo described to me sounds like, an actual opening to a next movie, rather than a random scene that happens. Superman is coming. We need Henry back,” states the account.

The account adds in another tweet, “I’m just saying, it’s the 2013 MOS suit that’s more colorful, it’s the MOS S. There’s more chances of it being Cavill than not. But I’m open to a new actor.”

Henry Cavill Man of Steel Superman suit with brighter colors
Henry Cavill Man of Steel Superman suit with brighter colors

Will Henry Cavill return to Superman?

Regarding the return of Henry Cavill as Superman, while I attended the San Diego Comic-Con last month, DC insiders filled me in that Cavill can return to the role if he wants to, but I was told Henry is demanding a lot of money, where it seems the issue is that Warner Bros Discovery and CEO David Zaslav don’t want to cough up that amount, which is leading to the standoff between the two.

Worth a mention is that Dwayne Johnson’s former wife and producer business partner, Dany Garcia – where they all produce Black Adam, Shazam! and DC’s League of Super Pets – manages Henry Cavill, so there at least lies a big connection for Henry to return.

DC insiders also filled me in that Johnson wants to take over the DC films universe, and Johnson has made it no secret that he wants to see a Black Adam vs Superman epic battle on the big screen, so again, we can see how it could all unfold.

Dwayne Johnson did touch upon Henry Cavill at Comic-Con as while he teased someone else in the role, which saw the fans basically gasp at, in a later interview, Johnson did say Cavill is a phenomenal Superman.

A recent rumor has offered that Henry Cavill signed with Marvel for Loki Season 2 where he will play Hyperion, basically an evil version of Superman but Marvel, and what’s interesting is that the Hyperion wiki page was updated with it said to be a done deal, but following my earlier report, the info has since been removed.

Personally, I hope Henry Cavill doesn’t jump ship to Marvel as currently, I feel Kevin Feige’s MCU is teetering on the brink of disaster due to all the woke content, and I hope Cavill sticks around the DCEU as Superman, and we get a true hopeful Superman movie we all want full of Truth, Justice, and The American Way.

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