Birds Of Prey Controversy Erupts With Director Cathy Yan


The ill-fated Birds of Prey movie once again returns with controversy as director Cathy Yan lets loose tweets on Twitter.

Yan, who you could argue “sort of” directed Birds of Prey, took to Twitter to shoot down an earlier rumor about the film and also seemingly compared her experience to working on the movie to David Ayer on Suicide Squad (and we can assume Zack Snyder on Justice League).

Before we get to Yan addressing the rumor, previously it was reported by Deadline that the first cut of Yan’s Birds of Prey tested really poorly so Warner Bros. head of the DCEU Walter Hamada had to go fix the movie.

Deadline reported:

I hear the first cut tested really poorly, and that DC film boss Walter Hamada got Birds of Prey into shape of being the critically praised film that it is. As has been widely reportred, there were re-shoots, common for those on a big event film like this.

It’s really no surprise that Birds of Prey needed fixing, as Cathy Yan had no previous experience on big-budget flicks.

Regarding David Ayer, who has been vocal about the studio interference on his Suicide Squad, Cathy Yan tweeted: “I’m so sorry this happened to you, David. I know the pain.”

Presently, it’s unknown what Cathy Yan’s true vision for Birds of Prey might have been (and we can assume Margot Robbie who starred and produced). The flick is the lowest grossing of the DC movies; only opened to $33 million and barley made $200 million at the box office and reportedly didn’t make a profit. I also think it’s the lowest selling Blu-Ray of all the DC movies. Things got so bad during its release that movie theaters around the globe changed the title in an attempt to get more viewers in seats, which didn’t end up working.

Birds of Prey

Cathy Yan responds to Birds of Prey rumor

Getting back to the rumor, a while back it was claimed by YouTuber Grace Randolph that the initial plan was for Ewan McGregor’s Black Mask to go after the teenage Cassandra Cain because she swallowed a diamond with d-ck pics, which brought up claims of pedophilia.

Yan and Randolph went back and forth on Twitter about the alleged d-ck pics in the movie, with Yan stating that was never the case; however, Randolph stands by what she reported.

Update: Yours truly got brought into the mix: