Ben Affleck Speculated For Wonder Woman Movie Cameo


ben affleck wonder woman movie

We’ve first seen Ben Affleck in Batman Vs. Superman, which will be followed by an appearance in Suicide Squad.

Affleck is also starring in the two Justice League movies and the standalone Batman film of which he is writing, directing and starring in.

Now it’s possible Ben Affleck might be featured in the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman movie as well.

Way back yonder, I was told Ben Affleck had signed on for a “huge” multi-picture deal to appear as Bruce Wayne and Batman in the DCEU.

While there is presently no confirmation of Ben Affleck or Bruce Wayne in Wonder Woman, there is confirmation Wayne Enterprises will be featured in the film.

A new Wonder Woman set image has hit the net featuring Gal Gadot along with a Wayne Enterprises armored vehicle, which may suggest Gotham City as well.

Not only does the image hint Ben Affleck might be appearing in the movie, but also that Wonder Woman may take part in the present day, as it’s known Wonder Woman is set in WWI as well.

“Wonder Woman” has a June 2, 2017 release date.